FARSITE Weather Input for DALHART (KDHT) 36.0167N; 102.55W
Forecast Model: MFF 12km.

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  • FARSITE Weather Stream File (WTR)

  • FARSITE Wind Weather File (WND)

The fire simulator, FARSITE, requires two types of input weather files - a WTR file containing daily summaries of temperature, relative humidity and precipitation, and a WND file with hourly data of wind speed, wind direction, and cloud cover. Both files are in text (ASCII) format. This page allows you to retrieve these input weather files for the above location using real-time forecast information generated by RMC. The weather files can be used with FARSITE to predict the likely behavior of a wild fire up to 72 hours into the future.

How to Retrieve FARSITE Weather Files? - Click on the above links. A new window will open displaying the requested file. To download the file to your computer, click 'File -> Save As' at the top menu bar of the new window, enter a desired file name, and save it as a 'Text File'. Alternatively, you can use the cursor to select all data in the window, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them into a text-editing program such as Notepad or Wordpad. Either way, make sure to save the files as a Text Type with extensions .WTR and .WND, respectively, or else the data may not be recognized by FARSITE !

The FARSITE weather files have the following tabular format:

Columns of the WTR File: month, day, total daily precipitation amount (hundredths of an inch), time of minimum temperature (MST), time of maximum temperature (MST), minimum daily temperature (F), maximum daily temperature (F), maximum daily relative humidity (%), minimum daily relative humidity (%), elevation (feet), beginning hour (MST) of daily precipitation , ending hour (MST) of daily precipitation . The last two columns are only displayed if the cumulative daily precipitation is greater than zero.

Columns of the WND File: month, day, hour (MST), wind speed (mph), wind direction (deg from N), cloud cover (%).

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